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Thursday, September 8, 2011

La Creperie


Only P299 for P500 Worth of Food and Drinks at La Creperie! 40% OFF on French specialties! Buy and use as many vouchers as you want!

We used our voucher at La Creperie Shangrila to spend our lunch after my mild operation in eye :-). We tried their Grilled Chicken Sandwich and Salad, Baked Fish in Dijon Mustard and basic Banana Crepe ^_^

As appetizer, they served the Grilled Chicken Sandwich and Salad. A very delicious combination of lightly grilled chicken over buttered french toast, I really love the creamy butter toast; a simple lettuce salad with vinaigrette as a dressing topped with parmesan cheese.
Then, they served their "hearty meal". Though I question the meal being called as hearty, because of the cream they used? :-) but...Tyrone loved this dish :-). Dijon mustard and cream sauce gives a beautiful flavor with the baked fish.
And lastly, their specialty, the crepe was served. I was supposed to order their crepe with fresh mangoes and yogurt, but yogurt wasn't available :-(. This is a light crisp crepe, filled with sweetened banana and delicately drizzled with syrup and a scoop of rich vanilla ice cream (my fave brand of vanilla ice cream that I won't reveal in this blog :p). For me, the best quality of crepe I've ever tasted so far :-)

Yes, this restaurant gave us a very good impression, they have bunch of different kinds of crepe in their menu that we'll try next time.

All in all expenses? P 606.50, but since we availed the voucher, we added P 106.00 :-)
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